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Wildrose British Labradors are known for their amazing scenting ability, temperament and trainability, the perfect sporting companion. In the spring of 2008, we received a request for a diabetic alert dog. We were informed that some Wildrose dogs were being effectively used to alert children with Type I diabetes. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that puppies from Wildrose progeny were alerting high and low blood sugar levels for diabetics across the United States and in Canada. Since that time an intensive training program has been developed utilizing the natural scenting instincts, intelligence, desire to please and the smaller size of Wildrose Labradors making them exceptional candidates for Diabetic Alert Dogs™.

Valerie Crist and Wildrose Lucy, Ohio     Wildrose Rex, Phoenix, Arizona

Abi Thornton and Mr. Darcy (Wildrose lineage), Aberdeen, Mississippi

Wildrose DAD
The Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog™ is an exciting new tool in diabetes management. Each dog is trained to notify owners with Type 1 diabetes of low and high blood glucose levels, thereby allowing them to promptly make necessary corrections to avert the episode or lessen its severity. A hypoglycemic attack can lead to a seizure, coma, or death making these well-trained dogs true lifesavers. The Diabetic Alert Dog's performance can result in tighter glycemic control which decreases the likelihood of devastating, long-term complications including kidney failure, retinaphy, neuropathy, heart disease, etc. Through our intensive, thorough training program designed for the dogs and their handlers, these exceptional Labradors are changing the lives of people with Type I diabetes across the United States. Visit the Diabetic Alert Dog Gallery.

The Foundation
The Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog™ Foundation, begun in July, 2009, supports programs designed to deliver trained dogs to qualified individuals with Type 1 diabetes.

Wildrose Training
Our unique, positive training methodology, "The Wildrose Way" develops exceptional Diabetic Alert Dogs for owners with Type I diabetes. Each dog is Public Access Certified and introduced to many of the same outdoor sports as presented in our Adventure Dog program making Wildrose Labradors superb assistant companions in any circumstance. Our training methodology produces dogs with consistent and distinctive alerts for both high and low blood glucose levels.

Each owner is thoroughly trained with their canine companion in the final stages of development and Wildrose trainers remain available after delivery for continuous support through consultation, annual recertification and continuing educational conferences.

Diabetic Alert Dog™ Training Conference
In June, 2009, Wildrose held the first annual Diabetic Alert Dog Training Conference which continues on an annual basis. These conferences serve as a resource for sharing information about Diabetic Alert Dogs, improving handlers' skills, and provide a recertification avenue for trained Diabetic Alert Dogs™. Contact uklabs@hughes.net or cathy@diabeticalertdog.com or call 662-234-5788 for more information. To learn more visit www.diabeticalertdog.com.

Dog is learning warning scents to protect 6-year-old diabetic, article here.

Diabetic Alert Dogs™ - informational brochure


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