Wildrose Kennels Annual British Working Test

The First Annual Wildrose British Working Test was held on the facility's training grounds on March 24, 2001. The one-day test is run on British Kennel Club rules and is open to any retriever. The trail includes walk-up tests in a variety of cover utilizing bumpers and cold game. Water tests are normally provided. The tests attempt to duplicate a normal day's shooting in the field for both upland game and waterfowl.

1. Vic Barlow, Writer and Trainer, Cheshire, England
2. Mike Stewart, owner/trainer, Wildrose Kennel

Chief Steward:
1. Robert Milner
2. John Warren

12-dog trial-6 American bred and 6 English bred

Estimated 40 balcony spectators




1st Place Jet, Bill Gibson, Tupelo, Mississippi
2nd Place Chloe, Chris Cochrane, Kosciusko, Mississippi
3rd Place Cole, Redding Earp, Senatobia, Mississippi
4th Place Penny, Ryan Anderson, Hayes, Kansas
Gun's Award Annie, George McDonald, Madison, Mississippi