Wildrose Kennels Annual British Working Test 2002

On Saturday, March 23, 2002, the Second Annual Wildrose British Retriever Championship was held on the training grounds of Wildrose Kennel in Oxford, Mississippi. Sixteen retrievers including labradors (British and American bred), two Flat Coats and a Golden, competed for the distinguished Wildrose Challenge cup.

The trial included:
  • A water series complete with a double, honor dog and diversion bird
  • 4 walk-up tests, 3 in grass fields and one in woodlands
  • A driveshoot which concluded with a 100-yard blind

    Judges were:
    Vic Barlow, Wildrose Kennels UK, Chesshire, England
    Mike Stewart, Wildrose Kennels USA, Oxford, Mississippi

    Chief Steward:
    Ben Wilson, Jackson, Mississippi

    Competitors and the gallery arrived from a wide range of states including Alaska, California, Minnesota, to Florida. All awards were imported from England and feed was provided by Sportsman's Pride.

    The trial provided contenders and the gallery with the unique experience of running in an English test or trial. Additionally, the land and water tests are designed to reflect an actual hunting experience for upland game or waterfowl. Each test challenged the dogs' patience, steadiness, and gamefinding abilities. Each series emphasized a different hunter retriever skill including marking, delivery, doubles, blinds and memories in some very challenging hunting environments.

    Annual Wildrose British Field Trial - Awards 2002:
    1st Challenge Silver Cup Spencer Ragland with Bradley (English), Birmingham, Alabama
    2nd Silver Platter Levoy Castellaw with Ace (English), Brownsville, Tennessee
    3rd Silver Platter Andre Fendalson with Rusty (American Golden), Louisiana
    4th Silver Platter Bill Gibson with Jet (English), Tupelo, Mississippi
    Gun's Award Larry Smith with Bracken (English), Kingwood, Texas

    Water Test
    Wildrose - Water Test 2002

    Walkup 2002
    Wildrose - Walkup Test 2002

    Water Double
    Wildrose - Water Double 2002

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