Wildrose Kennels Annual British Working Test 2006

The 6th Annual Wildrose British Championship was held April 1, 2006. Without a doubt, the group of dog competing was the best we have ever had in attendance. The test included seven series.

Series 1 – water double, mark and a blind working from inside a duck blind
Series 2 – 4-dog walk up, single mark
Series 3 – 4-dog walk up, long mark across line
Series 4 – 4-dog walk up, heavy cover in CRP fields, blind to rear of line, mark to the front
Series 5 – 2-dog line (primary and honor dog), mark into thick woodlands across creek. Dogs ran through open field, into thick briars, across creek, into fallen timber. Dogs were totally out of sight.
Series 6 – Driven using live gunfire, sport clays for targets and marked retrieves into CRP fields
Series 7 – final test, long water mark, directly across open water into woodlands across lake

The scores were very tight but our winner did rise to the surface:

First Place – Duke with Jay Lowrey, Vandalia, Illinois
Second Place – Maggie with Josh DeWitt, Jackson, Missouri
Third Place – Jess with Bill Billups, Meridian, Mississippi
Fourth Place – Teal with Bill Billups, Meridian, Mississippi
Gun’s Award – Molly with Craig Korff, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Jay Lowrey, our winner, owns a Wildrose dog that he totally trained by himself. This is his first retriever, his first dog to train and his first time to run in the Wildrose British Competition. Now, he is first place winner in the Wildrose British Championship. Congratulations, Jay!!

Wildrose British Championship, 2006 Winners