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Train along with Deke and Drake.

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Circle Memory Doubles

Protecting Your Dog in Cold Weather

Deke, the New DU Dog

Drake: Tools of the Trade

River Dog: Part I

River Dog: Part II

Gundogs on the Road: Part I

Gundogs on the Road: Part II

Retrieving Fallen Birds in Brush Piles

Diversion Training

Land-to-Water Retrieves

Retrieving Short Birds

Caring for Your Senior Dog

The "Factors"

Protect Your Retriever's Hearing

Hunting Dogs in Cold Conditions

Marking by Sound

Training in Cover on Water

Trailing Memories and Blind Retrieves

Steadiness in the Field

Handling Your Retriever in the Field

Underwater Hazards

Training Equipment: Tools of the Trade

Dog Hides

Keep Your Dog Focused with Off-Season Practice

Reading Your Dog

Dog First Aid