The Gentleman's Gundog

The Gentleman's Gundog Wildrose Kennels specializes in the breeding, training and importation of fine Labradors of British and Irish influence for the selective wingshooter. Our Labs, whether they are puppies, started or finished retrievers, are best categorized in character, temperament and ability as a Gentleman's Gundog.

We believe that a Labrador, to be considered as a classic Gentleman's hunting companion by English standards, must reflect certain desirable qualities. It is these desirables, which have undergone 20 years of continuous improvement, that remain as the core values of the Wildrose Kennels breeding and training programs.

The Qualities of a Fine Gentleman's Gundog :
  • Intelligence and trainability
  • Keen natural hunting and game-finding ability
  • Superior compatibility; calm, quiet temperament; strong identity with their owner and family
  • Multi-purpose retriever equally proficient on dove, duck, quail and pheasant
  • Excellent handling ability
  • Extremely steady to shot and fall; readily honors other working dogs
  • Appealing confirmation based upon the British standard; medium frame and weight
  • Superior field-proven ancestry