Hiking With Your Trail Dog.

Intro to Watercraft.

Adventure Dog training with Nellie, Clear Creek, CO

Beretta and Carly on hike at Clear Creek Reservoir, CO

Deke, Drake, and Indian along the Arkansas River, Colorado Trail, CO.

Wildrose Heidi (Bob x Kela) Owner: John McCadden, Chesterfield, MO

Wildrose Tink (Ruff x Dot) with owner Ed Rick, Illinois

Wildrose Finished Gundog and Adventurer "Boss," owner Mike Rolband, Clifton, VA

Wildrose Cooper (Hamish x Carol), Owner, Grayson Schaffer, Sante Fe, NM At the high point of the Rockies, 14,440 feet

Off-roading, Columbine Mine, Colorado, Bill Behnke with Opus and Indian

Tubing on Lake Springfield, IL with Wildrose Jack (Ben x Molly)
Owner: David Volarich, St. Louis, MO

Finished Adventure Dog, Kindle. Owner: Ed Durham, Savannah, GA

Grayson Schaffer, senior editor, Outside Magazine Training with Deke, the DU dog and Wildrose Danger swimming

Jeff Roe with Wildrose finished dog, Mickey, Red Shirt Lake, Alaska

Deke and Drake, the DU mascots after a downhill ski from the top of Independence Pass, CO

Wildrose Rider (Ben x Molly) Owner: Ward Collier, Germantown,TN Training for rock climbing, Wildrose Colorado

Introduction to heeling with horses Richard Adkerson and Wildrose Carly Mike and Wildrose Deke Clear Creek, Colorado

Wildrose "Skeeter" (Tommy x Piper)
Owner: Trevor Loftin Hiking at Gorman Falls (Colorado Bend State Park, Texas).

Wildrose Finished Dog, Dino, and Everett Dobson, Oklahoma City depart for another
adventure earning Dino his aircraft merit for the Adventure Dog Program.

Wildrose Finished Dog, Rod Owners: Tom and Elizabeth Jernigan, Birmingham, AL
Back country survival for Adventure Dogs. A snow cave above Taos Ski Valley, NM

Grayson Schaffer, Senior Editor, Outside Magazine with Wildrose Danger,
skiing the backcountry above Taos, NM

Wildrose Sailor (Angus x Meg) Owners: Chris and Lani Wilke, New Orleans

Wildrose Sparky catching waves at Kailua Beach, Hawaii. Great on the board alone any distance out.

Kate, Daisy (Hamish x Bailey), Sarah Coleman Causey tubing at Smith Lake, Summer 2009

Wildrose Lucy (Angus x Belle)
Owner: Philippa Holland, Senior Producer for CNN "Lou Dobbs Tonight"

Wildrose Adventure Dog, "Dixie" Owner, Tom Smith, Georgetown, KY

Wildrose Riley and Teague Owner: David Reid, Oxford, pursuing model aircraft hobby.

Kelly Laughton with Wildrose Zach backpacking in Western North Carolina.

Wildrose Barley hunting shed on the Wisconsin Creek in Sheridan, Montana, following the Bozeman Wildrose Workshop Owners: Jim and Jean Prough, Indiana Jim is the Vice President of Indiana Ducks Unlimited

Wildrose Angus with owner John Bukowski, Shelly, Idaho

Snorkeling Partners, Wildrose Heidi and owner John McCadden, St. Louis, Missouri

Adventure Dog Training at Wildrose, Oxford

Alaskan Adventure: Ghillie and Drake with Bill Behnke and Mike

Wildrose Danger, Owner, Grayson Schaeffer, Senior Editor, Outside Magazine, Albequerque, New Mexico

Deke, the DU dog, kayaking the Little Buffalo River in Arkansas

Wildrose Tennyson, Adventure Dog™ with new owners, Anne and Preston, Norfolk, Virginia

Drake with Mike fishing for trout on the Agulowak River in Alaska

Drake, The DU Dog, at 14,000 ft., Columbine Mine Trail, Colorado

Wildrose Carly along the Colorado Trail, two miles from the Arkansas River Owner Richard Adkerson, Phoenix, Arizona

Wildrose Flynn, Adventure Dog™ in Training, owner, Peter Cossgrove, Toronto, Canada

Adventure Dog, Bud, with owner Roy Logan, Aurora, Illinois

Whiskey hiking the Colorado Trail