JD alerts using a bringsel to communicate when time to test.

Kender, Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog in training

Glennis, Wildrose DAD trainer, Tim and Atticus Corbitt,
Austin, Texas with Wildrose DAD, Alfie

Andrew Keegan, Senerva Park, Maryland, with new DAD, Sam

Training Wildrose DADs at the Oxford facility Lydia and Beth Thornton
with Ruby and Mr. Darcy Andrew Keegan with Sam and Chris Plummer with Memphis

Kramer Morgan, a DAD volunteer, featured in Fed Ex employee recognition
program for Outstanding Service with Abi and Mr. Darcy.

Wildrose DAD Training Conference I, June, 2009.

Seth Waite and Wildrose Rex of Phoenix, Arizona

Superman (named by owner), Diabetic Alert Dog in Training
Trainer: Carissa Skipper

Abi Thornton and Mr. Darcy, Aberdeen, Mississippi

Reb Boyd and Lilly, Columbia, South Carolina

Reb Boyd and Lilly, Columbia, South Carolina