Wildrose Abroad Photo Gallery

2005 Irish Championship, Nigel Carville wins with Brooke, the dam of Astraglen Cathy

Awards earned by Nigel Carville, N. Ireland with Wildrose dogs
Center: "Ben," right: "Brooke"

Int. FTCh Astraglen Brooke 1st-2005 Irish Championship, 3rd-2004 Irish Championship, 2005 Irish Dog of the Year, littermate to Ash

FTCh Craighorn Bracken, winner of the
2001 British Championship Sire of Kane and Whiskey

In line for the final drive for the '05 British Championship, Scotland

Final walk up for the '05 Championship. The field is kale with a heavy fog.

One of the barriers that retrievers were expected to jump to
complete retrieves. For perspective, I'm 6'2"

Right of my position in the walk up line, 2005 British Retriever
Championship, 2005 Dogs completed retrieves across this entire line for over 300+ yards

Left of my position in the walk up line, 2005 British Retriever Championship, Scotland

Trainers await their retrieve--r to l
Billy Steel, Sr, trainer of our Tommy, Dave Garbutt, trainer of
'91 Championship winner, Pocklea Remus and Billy Steel, Jr.

2005 British Retriever Championship, Dumfries, Scotland. The
dog being handled is beyond the stone wall!

Visiting with Steve Jolly and his FTCh Garendon Captain, Winner of the
1998 British Retriever Championship, sire to several Wildrose labs

Head Keeper of Queensbury Estate, Scotland, takes a high one

Spaniels flushing for the walk up, 2005 British Retriever Championship, Scotland

Drumlanrig Castle, Queensbury Estate, home of the Duke of Buccleuch,
one of the original importers of the dogs known as Labradors from
Newfoundland just after 1825. Labs have hunted
from this castle for over 180 years!

The grounds of The Queensberry Estate, Scotland, where some of the first
deck dogs, the predecessors to today's Labradors, were brought from
Newfoundland by English aristocrats for development just after
1825--hallowed grounds to the Labrador enthusiast.

Gary Youngson handling our FTCh Gusty Garry
"Kane" at the 2005 British Retriever Championship in Dumfries, Scotland

Picking up with Kane for a "gun" at an Arley Hall driven, England

Lord Asbrooke with Kane, breaking for lunch at his estate shoot, Arley Hall

End of the first drive, picking up at Lord Ashbrooke's
estate, England, with Kane (l) and Daz (r)

Kane's first retrieve for Wildrose at The Arley
Hall Estate, England, December, 2005

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