Wildrose Puppies Photo Gallery

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Wildrose Margo (Taz x Brooke) at 5 months
Owner Eric Lind, Dover, AR

Prim (Deke x Hazel) Owner: Brandi Spence Lakeland, FL

Wildrose Otis
Owners: Katie and Michael Morrow Bellevue, Washington

Perk Perkins, CEO of Orvis with Laurie Andrews and her Ben pup on puppy picking day at Wildrose, Oxford.

Wildrose Jetta (Indian x Mika)
Owner: Leo Koenig, Renton, WA

Wildrose Gunner
(Rusty x Cedar)
Owner: Donna Greenwood
Helena, Montana

Wildrose Reagan
(Rusty x Rusty)
Owners: Kim and Lisa Ellard
Salcha, Alaska

5-month old Wildrose Rio attends owners' wedding in Vail with perfect manners
Owners: Andy and Kelsey Sutton, Vail, CO

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know truly delighted we are with Murray (Hamish x Danna). He is a truly amazing puppy. He is patient and tolerant of my young daughers and just so warm and loving. He is adored wherever he goes and even the vets and dog trainers are amazed at how calm and fast learning he is. Murray and I go to Puppy Kindergarten and among 4 other labs in the class, he is by far the most even tempered and receptive to training.

I know your hard work and program is to thank for that. I can't thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to bring such a wonderful addition into our home. Earlier this week at 12 weeks old Murray weighed in at almost 19lbs and didn't even let out a yelp during his vaccination. I've attached a recent picture.

Thanks, Jodi Starr - San Antonio, Texas

Wildrose Abby (Ruff x Molly)
Owners: Emily and Bill Preece Kerrville, Texas

Wildrose Ben (Widgeon x Piper) makes a retrieve at the Wildrose Gundog Workshop in Orlando. Owners: Trey and Jennifer Newton, Vacrico, FL

Famed NBC anchor and author, Tom Brokaw, visits Wildrose puppy facility, Oxford

Wildrose Yofie (Whiskey x Abby)
Owner: Joe Goltzman, Colorado and Missouri

Wildrose Hank
Owner: The McCullens, Oxford, MS

Wildrose Gary (Ben x Kela)
Owner, Justin Carpenter, Sidney, Nebraska

Wildrose Hopps (L) and Wildrose Barley Owners: Jim and Jean Prough, Indiana

Kane x Beretta puppy, Owner: Bob Lesperence

Chris, Rhonda, Christopher and Belle (Whiskey x Katie) Riley South Carolina
Wildrose Hank, Owners Doug and Vicki Montgomery, Fairhope, Alabama

Wildrose Luke
Troy, Michigan

Wildrose Veli and Davis
Covington, GA

Wildrose Indiana Bradburn
Smyrna, Georgia

Wildrose Amy
Owner, Wick Corwin Fargo, North Dakota

Wildrose Brit
Owner: Phillips Turner, Jr.
Nashville, Tennessee

Wildrose Buddy
Owner: Melissa Holland
McKinney, Texas

Wildrose Mojo
Owner: Douglas Talley
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Hattie and Maggie
Wildrose Dogs trained by owner
Owner: Ron Montgomery
Cockeysville, Maryland

Puppy is Taylor
owners John and Gina White
Memphis, Tennessee

Wildrose Maggie
Owner, Tommy Jamison Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Wildrose Heidi Owner, John McCadden - Chesterfield, Missouri