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Recently we lost a dear member of the Wildrose Pack. Chip Laughton passed away a few weeks ago. He was our photographer and embodied the professionalism and perfection Wildrose strives for. In remembrance of him we are asking for donations to an organization Chip supported.

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The Wildrose Way


Close Company

Ready and Steady

Precision-Guided Gun Dog


Our Training


Gentleman’s Gundog

Trained to be proficient in waterfowl and upland hunting. These dogs are steady to flush and shot. They are calm, quiet and have natural hunting and game finding abilities. A perfect complement to the Sporting Lifestyle both in the field and in the home.


Adventure Dog

Have a dog prepared to go anywhere. Our Adventure Dog program offers training in hiking, biking, camping, boating, kayaking and much more. These dogs are just as comfortable in the city as they are in the wilderness. All breeds are welcome for certification, but not for training.


Service Dog

Wildrose Therapy Companions’ calm temperament, smaller size, scenting and training abilities make them perfect candidates for service, detection and alerting. These dogs are not only adept service dogs but can transition to the field.

Dogs coming into training must have been born at a Wildrose facility.


Our Emmy Award Winning Purina Testimonials



Throughout the year Wildrose conducts hands-on retriever training and handlers' workshops at the Training Facility in Oxford, Mississippi, and various locations across the country. Our unique, highly interactive workshops and demonstrations are designed to enhance the participants' abilities and relationships with their Gundogs. All breeds are welcome. Wildrose workshops and seminars have been featured in Ducks Unlimited magazine, The World of Ducks T.V. show, Benelli's American Bird Hunter, The Outdoor Network and numerous sporting publications. See "The Wildrose Way" come alive... join us at one of our workshops or demonstrations.