We picked Wildrose because of everything I have read, people I have talked to, and the trust I had in them.
— Paul Rothlauf, New Jersey

Murph’s first few experiences in the duck blind have been spectacular. Everything from healing to and from the blind too marking all birds shot has been perfect. He is a totally different dog once put in the hunting situation.
— Travis Buckner, St. Louis, MO

You know having been in the hunting and fishing industry for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to experience some of the best lodges, hunting, dogs , dog handlers etc. -in my opinion Wildrose Kennel and Company are “The Best of the Best”.
— Capt. Tom Cornicelli, E. Moriches, NY

Bottom line, this dog is amazing and the breeding and genetics are by far the most amazing I have ever owned.

He is a blessing to have around and he is with me nearly all the time yet patiently waits for me to return when I must be away. A true “Gentleman’s Gun Dog” and “Best Friend”. Hats off to Wildrose Breeding.
— Duane V. Miller, Mineral Bluff, GA

I along with my father would like to express our appreciation and respect for everyone at Wildrose. We had an amazing time Saturday. We had an experience that we will never forget. The staff was very courteous and took interest in our questions and concerns. The facility was A+, just like we expected.
— David L. Todd

Deacon was a joy to train and is one of the most mindful dogs I have ever met. The best part is that he has turned into a fantastic upland bird and duck dog. He has a great upland nose and I think he would rather look for pheasant than eat a medium rare steak. Deacon is also good in a blind or waiting behind a dam for ducks. Deacon has really turned into an unbelievable dog.
— Miles Franz, Leawood, Kansas

The past four months have been an incredible time and Lorie has brought much joy to my life. She has already demonstrated many if not all of the qualities you highlight on your website found in a “Gentleman’s Gundog”. Since the time we first picked her up in Oxford, she has been a pleasure to train and a joy to watch in the field. She has developed a deep desire to retrieve and even more importantly an insatiable desire to please.
— Campbell Roche, Dallas, TX

Wildrose not only has great dogs, but You both are folks of high integrity, character, and have a true love for these dogs that shows.

Thank you again for all of your consideration, care, and help, and expertise, it has been deeply appreciated.
— Bill and Carolyn Campbell, Naperville, IL. 60540