Beginning your journey, The Wildrose Way…

Start by placing your puppy deposit. The deposit for a puppy is $250 and the total cost is $2200 + Tax and Microchip fee. Puppy deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The typical wait time for a puppy is 6-8 months depending on litter sizes, sire/dam, color and sex preferences. Puppies are sent home on the Friday closest to their turning 8 weeks old. For more information on puppy picking click here.

When placing your deposit, please tell us what you want out of your dog: sire/dam preference, color and sex, what the dog will be trained for, what kind of energy level you want the dog to have, etc. Once you place your deposit, you are put on a list for the color and sex you would like. When the time comes you will receive a call and be offered a puppy. You may choose this puppy or wait until another litter comes.

Limited Registration

All puppies have “Limited Registration” with AKC for breeding purposes. Limited registration means if you breed your dog, the puppies born cannot be registered with AKC. Wildrose will make acceptations to lift the limited registration, but only if Wildrose is willing to breed the dog.

For more information contact us at or (662) 234-5788.