The Wildrose Way

The Wildrose Way is a unique dog-training method that is field-proven. With these five fundamental concepts: positive training methods, understanding pack behavior, consistency, training the trainer and personalized training sessions. The Wildrose Way is one of the most productive dog-training methods in the country.


Gentleman’s Gundog

Trained to be proficient in waterfowl and upland hunting. These dogs are steady to flush and shot. They are calm, quiet and have natural hunting and game finding abilities. A perfect compliment to the Sporting Lifestyle both in the field and in the home.


Adventure Dog

Have a dog prepared to go anywhere. Our Adventure Dog program offers training in hiking, biking, camping, boating, kayaking and much more. These dogs are just as comfortable in the city as they are in the wilderness.


Service Companion

Wildrose Therapy Companions calm temperament, smaller size, scenting and training abilities make them perfect candidates for service, detection and alerting. These dogs are not only adept service dogs but can transition to the field.

Dogs are eligible to start training at 7 months old. To schedule training please contact:

Wildrose Oxford - Tom Smith at (662) 701-9309/

Wildrose Texas - Guy Billups at (228) 861-3473/

Wildrose Carolinas - Kirk Parker at (919) 625-0981/