The Wildrose Adventure Dog™ is the perfect complement to a family's outdoor lifestyle. The adventure dog is a companion of distinction.

A highly compatible, English Labrador retriever which is equally civil in the home or office as they are controllable in the outdoors.

Our Adventure Dogs are thoroughly socialized and trained for a multitude of sporting activities: shooting sports, hiking, boating, fishing, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, ATV trekking and jogging.

Certifying your Adventure Dog:

Enroll in the Adventure Dog Program!

An eligible canine:

o Open to any breed possessing the athletic ability to complete tasking
o The candidate should be close to fully mature in size (14 months and older) with excellent health and physically sound

Basic obedience skills should be thoroughly mastered. References include:

o Sporting Dog and Retriever Training, The Wildrose Way
o Wildrose Way Basic Retriever Training DVD
o Attend Wildrose Way one-day workshop, "Starting Your Dog the Wildrose Way"

Purchase the Adventure Dog packet at Packet includes:

o Program instruction
o Diploma
o Award definitions
o Listing of achievable merits (14) and required subskills for each merit. Participants may select from any of the 14 merits in any order

Certification awards and merits will be awarded as achieved

o Trail Rated - 5 merits completed (TR)
o Adventure Dog Certified - 9 merits completed (ADC)
o Master Trekker - 12 to 14 merits completed (MT)

Each merit will contain varying skills that must be completed to earn the merit

o Merits include Hiking, Watercraft, All-Terrain Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Travel, Tracking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Snow Trekking, Hunting Sports/Retrieving, Trail Assistance, Public Access, Equestrian, and Aircraft
o As subskills are mastered, videos may be forwarded through various formats validating the achievements and the skills mastered to qualify for the corresponding merits
o Merits will be forwarded as achieved to be noted on the dog's Adventure Dog Diploma
o Once accumulated merits reach the number necessary to receive an award, the appropriate award patch and seal for the diploma will be forwarded by Wildrose

Come attend a workshop!

We strongly suggest all participants and their K-9 companion attend a Wildrose Adventure Dog Workshop to experience firsthand training "The Wildrose Way." Check out our events schedule to sign up for Adventure Dog workshops.

Dogs are eligible to start training at 7 months old. To schedule training please contact:

Wildrose Oxford - Tom Smith at (662) 701-9309/

Wildrose Texas - Guy Billups at (228) 861-3473/

Wildrose Carolinas - Kirk Parker at (919) 625-0981/